Bitcoin Random Digital Image Club
Save your image (960x480) by right clicking your mouse over the image!
Thanks for checking out "Bitcoin Random Digital Image Club". I want you to enjoy the mesmerizing and dynamic digital image here. You can save a copy of what you see anytime from your desktop computer by right clicking with your mouse. I also want you to have an opportunity to earn some Bitcoin by becoming an official member of this club:

1. Click one of the Bitcoin logos to become a member of this club or create a wallet if you don't have one.
2. Transfer $20 USD worth of Bitcoin to my Bitcoin wallet.
3. Indicate your name and your sponsor's name if someone referred you.
4. Send me a Facebook message to help notify me of the transfer.
5. Recruit other members and earn $10 USD worth of Bitcoin for each one.

I will transfer your money as soon as I receive the money from the people you sponsor. I will check for new members and Bitcoin transfers regularly each day. There is no limit to how many members you can recruit and how many times you can get paid $10. Please enjoy this club and spread the word.