“I am a low risk option for a new business with tight operating expenditures”

Thanks for viewing my website (blog). I recently switched back to wordpress because there are so many options, customizations, and abilities that can be easily modified using this popular platform. There are so many unique themes that anyone can use, that I find myself spending hours just messing around with all the bells and whistles. I am not a graphic artist, nor do I consider myself a SEO expert, but I have more hours spent building basic websites than a lot of other self-made website designers. I also have a background in computer science, which gives me a basic foundation of knowledge when it comes to building and fixing websites.

Most of my website knowledge came from my personal experience building pages for my own websites. I used to dabble in affiliate marketing and yes in fact I made some money in that arena. As anything goes, it only seems to last for a short while until the next thing comes along and all your hard work becomes null and void. That is not to say affiliate marketing is not still an admirable dream to chase with limitless potential revenue, and many people have learned a lot better than I ever did at how to harness the internet and web traffic. When you can tap the ever changing flux of cyber space you can make a lot of money.

My current focus is in the arena of web design. My aim is to help people with very little knowledge of the internet and the world of domains, make their mark without being milked financially. The large web design companies have many employees who each fulfill their roles. There is a lot to ┬ábe considered when designing a website. There are many avenues of web design that even I dare not trod. My offer to the customer is to let them know swiftly whether my capabilities can match their needs. I know right away if I need to direct them elsewhere as I know the limits of my expertise. Simply put, I know what I can do ~ and I know what I can’t do. I will not waste anyone’s time pretending to be able to do something that I know I can’t.

What I offer to the world, is a low cost start up website to help get any business off the ground without breaking the bank. I’m the guy the corporate designers despise because I handle everything on my own and my fees are incredibly low. I also offer a guarantee. You don’t pay me out until you are satisfied. I am a low risk option for a new business with tight operating expenditures.